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ANZ joined with CEFC to establish a A$150 million Energy Efficient Asset Finance program that makes it easier for businesses to invest in energy-efficient and renewable technologies that will help reduce their energy use, carbon foot print and fuel costs. Through the program, ANZ can offer a 0.70%p.a. discount to business customers on the standard asset finance rate for new assets up to A$5 million that meet CEFC energy efficiency requirements. In August 2019, CEFC committed to facilitating a further A$100 million to the program. The additional finance will take ANZ’s total commitment to A$250 million, with a focus on enabling businesses to purchase small-scale solutions to reduce their energy use, carbon footprint and fuel consumption. As of late 2019, more than 500 ANZ business and commercial customers had used ANZ Energy Efficient Asset Finance since it was launched in December 2017. Investments include small-scale rooftop solar and battery storage, improved insulation and low-emission or electric vehicles.

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