By: Peter Trousdale On: November 09, 2022 In: Comments: 0

The CEFC has ramped up investment in companies that are fast-tracking the decarbonization of the economy, with a $50 million cornerstone investment in the Ellerston 2050 Fund alongside a $50 million commitment from Qantas Super to support the work of Australia’s carbon abatement “enablers.”

These “enablers” are companies that are providing the technology and services that their customers use to reduce their carbon footprints. They represent a new area of economic growth and business development, able to capitalize on the growing wave of investment into emissions reduction.

The open-ended, wholesale Fund will be managed by Ellerston Capital and will focus on investing in listed and unlisted small to mid-sized companies which actively help reduce carbon emissions in the wider economy. These include companies with low carbon products, technology, and services that enable energy efficiency or facilitate the accelerated adoption of low emissions technologies.

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