By: Isabelle Elizondo On: September 25, 2023 In: Comments: 0

The Connecticut Green Bank and its partners are proud to announce that their pioneering collaboration has secured innovative carbon credit capital funding to help accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems across the United States. Acting as an aggregator and facilitator for its partners, the Green Bank has opened access to a stream of patient capital that will help ensure the future viability of these charging networks and draws upon private sector funds to deliver a lower carbon transportation future for our communities.

The Green Bank’s roster of project partners originally included EV charging pioneers Volta, U-Go Stations, which Blink Charging recently acquired, Proterra, and the EV Structure Company. The consortium’s partners have expanded to now include Dominion Energy, Exelon, Optiwatt, EV Match, BLINK, AmpUp, and OpConnect. Together, these partners already have 725 EV charging stations across the United States enrolled with the project. The project is now poised to expand dramatically in size and geographic scope.

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