By: greenbank On: September 01, 2016 In: Comments: 0

GFO committed to invest US$10 million as Limited Partner in the “Hokkaido and Aomori Wind Power Generation Fund, Limited Partnership (Provisional)”, managed by Japan Wind Development Co., Ltd. The Fund invests in wind power renewable energy businesses which contribute to regional regeneration in Hokkaido and Aomori Prefecture, areas with strong potential for wind power generation. The Fund is structured so that the Organization and investors in the Fund are Limited Liability Partners (hereinafter “LPs”).

GFO, regional financial institutions, and JWD will invest capital to establish the Fund, with JWD acting as General Partner with unlimited liability. Shinsei Securities Co., Ltd. will manages private placements for the Fund and will bring in new LP investors. The targeted prospective size of the fund is a maximum of five billion yen, with investment sought from regional financial institutions and other sources. As far as GFO and JWD are aware, the structure of this fund, investing in wind energy businesses at a developmental stage, is the first of its kind in Japan.

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