By: greenbank On: March 01, 2016 In: Comments: 0

GFO committed to invest US$7 million in the Kyushu Geothermal Power Generation Fund (Kyushu Renewable Energy Investment Business Limited Partnership), which is managed by Astmax Trading Inc. The Fund will invest in geothermal power, hot springs power, and solar power renewable energy businesses in Kyushu. The Fund will be established with an initial commitment of US$14.1 million, comprising an investment of US$7 million by GFO, and US$7.01 million by Astmax Trading, Inc. and Astmax Co., Ltd. Astmax Trading Inc., will manage the Fund as General Partner with unlimited liability (hereinafter referred to as the “GP”). It will look to bring in an LP investor (Limited Partner) to invest a further US$1 million.

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