By: greenbank On: September 01, 2015 In: Comments: 0

A US$25.0 million credit facility provided by NY Green Bank will allow Level Solar, a New York-based solar provider that designs and installs systems at no cost to the customer, to materially grow its customer base. By providing renewable power to homeowners through long-term power purchase agreements, Level Solar is expected to reach sufficient scale to attract financing entirely through private markets.

NYGB’s US$25.0 million financial warehouse facility – which could ultimately be upsized to US$50.0 million – provides revolving credit to Level Solar to fund residential solar installations, enabling it to reach thousands of new customers. This transaction type is replicable for other participants in the solar market in New York State – specifically smaller developers with early marketplace success but limited scale to date – providing precedent for further expanding residential renewable energy in the State.

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