By: Bettina Bergoo On: December 14, 2021 In: Comments: 0

NYGB’s $25.0 million commitment in the Term Loan is expected to support a total of 95 distributed solar projects across NYS, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland and Georgia, including 30 distributed solar projects – totaling 144 MW – in NYS, which will deliver considerable benefits to New Yorkers. In addition, three of the projects in the Nexamp portfolio currently under construction will support clean energy generation in NYS parks.

Nexamp is a solar, battery storage, and clean energy company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Nexamp develops, constructs, owns, and operates clean energy projects reporting over 300 MW of operating solar generating capacity across 100+ projects and approximately 500 MW of solar generating capacity under construction that includes 100+ projects.

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