By: Isabelle Elizondo On: December 21, 2023 In: Comments: 0

The CEFC has confirmed its first investment via the landmark Rewiring the Nation (RTN) Fund, committing $100 million to support the delivery of substantial clean energy projects in NSW. The RTN Fund, formally established in July, is set to play a key role in Australia’s efforts to reach 82 per cent renewables by 2030.

The CEFC investment will support the delivery of renewable generation, long duration storage and grid infrastructure as part of the ambitious NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

In delivering the Roadmap, the Scheme Financial Vehicle (SFV), acts as a counterparty to long-term energy service agreements and private sector infrastructure contracts for renewable energy zones (REZs) and priority transmission infrastructure projects, including delivery of the 850 MW/1680 MWh Waratah Super Battery. The CEFC investment provides the SFV with a liquidity facility to support cashflow as infrastructure projects are advanced.

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