By: Peter Trousdale On: November 09, 2022 In: Comments: 0

The CEFC has committed $1.1 million to Samsara Eco through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund. Samsara Eco has also attracted investment from CSIRO’s Main Sequence, and W23, the Woolworths venture capital and innovation fund, to complete a $6 million capital raising. Samsara has synthesized a novel enzyme to be dramatically more effective, compressing a process that would naturally take millennia. After being broken down into its original components, the resulting product can be sold in a pelletized form to customers.

Working in partnership with the Australian National University, Samsara’s proprietary technology involves a depolymerization process that uses modified enzymes to rapidly degrade plastic down to small molecules. This ensures recycled plastics materials have the same structural integrity as virgin plastics.

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