By: greenbank On: March 01, 2018 In: Comments: 0

GFO committed to invest US$0.8 million of equity in a small Hydro project in Okayama prefecture. In this project, Nishi Awakura village of the local government became the main sponsor and established the special corporation (SPC) for the project. The project is a new private-sector small hydropower plants, utilizing the abundant water resources of the Yoshino River crossing the village. Nishi Awakura village in the business site is located at the northernmost tip of Okayama prefecture, and has a population of about 1,500 with a population decline and an aging population. As a local government project, the deal will realize a regional model that maximizes the use of regional resources and achieves both low carbon sustainability and sustainable development. This project, along with existing village hydropower plants, will assure that the Nishikakura village electricity needs are 40% covered by hydroelectric power generation.

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