By: Isabelle Elizondo On: September 18, 2023 In: Comments: 0

New Zealand’s electric vehicle charging network is getting a boost with New Zealand Green Investment Finance’s $1m investment in EV charger and network management company  Thundergrid.

Thundergrid specialises in supplying EV charging stations and managing charging networks for major corporates and government organisations. By installing smart EV charging technology that adjusts power use around existing loads, Thundergrid can ease the load on the energy grid and enable vehicles to run on electricity instead of fossil fuels.

NZGIF’s $1m debt facility will enable Thundergrid to accelerate its rollout of EV charging infrastructure, and develop other services to help its customers. This includes the ability to schedule charging to take place during off-peak times, making charging cheaper and more effectively distributing load on the national grid.

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