Plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising technology to quickly decarbonize transportation sectors globally. But large volumes of capital are needed to finance adoption of EVs themselves as well as to build out EV charging networks. In order to design products and programs to effectively support EV market growth, green banks, private capital providers, and other green finance stakeholders will be given an update on recent developments in building out EV infrastructure in the U.S. and the opportunities for lowering costs of EV leasing or ownership to accelerate adoption. This webinar provides insight on how public and private financial institutions can work together to accelerate growth of the EV market.

Experts from the Natural Resources Defense Council and Bloomberg New Energy Finance address questions including:

-What business models are currently being used to build out EV charging infrastructure, and how do these models ensure that that the infrastructure is maintained? Where are financing gaps where public and private capital providers could work together to scale these models?
-What experience/data exist on revenue streams to lower the price of EV leasing or ownership? Specifically, what does the latest research tell us about residual value of EVs after leasing and potential secondary markets for EV batteries through stationary storage and battery recycling?

Presenters are:

Luke Tonachel, Director of the Clean Vehicles and Fuels Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council

Nick Albanese, Analyst of Advanced Transport at Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Yayoi Sekine, Analyst of Energy Smart Technologies at Bloomberg New Energy Finance

The presentations are followed by Q&A moderated by Sarah Dougherty, Green Finance Manager, NRDC Center for Market Innovation.