Green Banks in the United States: 2018 Annual Industry Report

The first annual report of the American Green Bank Consortium covers the period through the year 2018. The Green Bank impacts presented in this report are the result of information gathering performed by the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC). Key metrics were collected from the public reports issued by each Green Bank as well as direct information provided to CGC by various Green Banks upon request.

In total, the report finds that American Green Banks have caused $3.67 billion in clean energy investment, with $676 million of this investment taking place in 2018. The Green Bank concept was first proposed in 2009, and there are now 14 Green Banks in the U.S. with more in development.

Green Banks are unique in that they use innovative finance solutions and incentives to facilitate private investment in clean energy projects that would otherwise struggle to find capital. The report finds that the impact of every dollar of direct public Green Bank investment was more than tripled by the private investment it attracted. The ratio of private to public investments generated by the American Green Banks was 3.4 to 1.