Distributed energy in the property sector – today’s opportunities

More and more large energy users across Australia are exploring distributed energy solutions to reduce costs, lower their exposure to volatile energy markets and drive down carbon emissions. With opportunities such as generating electricity on site using solar PV and load management through the use of batteries, corporates can take a far more active and strategic role in energy management.

Distributed energy in the property sector – today’s opportunities (the ‘guide’) has been developed to provide useful and up to date information on clean energy technology options for different building types, locations and loads. Presenting the critical elements in a business case for each of the major distributed energy technologies on the market, the Guide addresses information barriers and provides an approach to assessing
the opportunities for your business.

This guide includes:

  • Technology options
  • Estimated payback times and capital costs for different locations and building types
  • Case studies highlighting examples of each technology
  • Implementation considerations
  • A guide for investigating offsite renewable energy options (corporate PPAs)