Market Report Series: Energy Efficiency 2017

Energy efficiency is central to all global energy transitions. It is the world’s most available, secure and affordable energy resource and every government around the world has the power to further exploit efficiency for widespread benefit.

Energy Efficiency 2017 is the global tracker examining the trends, indicators, impacts and drivers of energy efficiency progress. The questions addressed in this year’s report include:

– How quickly is the world becoming more energy efficient? Which countries are making most progress?
– What are the impacts of energy efficiency on the global economy and energy system?
– How does energy efficiency affect global, regional and national energy security?
– How has policy, a key driver of energy efficiency, progressed globally? How does policy vary between countries, economic sectors and end-use appliances?
– How has energy efficiency affected household energy expenditure? What technology changes might unlock future savings?
– How is efficiency evolving in the major end-use sectors of industry, buildings and transport?
– What happened to energy efficiency investment in 2016? What business models and sources of finance are driving greater investment?
– How has the market for energy services changed? In which markets is energy efficiency being commoditised?

This year’s report also includes a special country focus on Indonesia, the largest energy consumer in Southeast Asia.

The IEA is working to improve understanding of the status, drivers and benefits of energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency 2017 is the key global tracker of energy efficiency progress and a vital information resource for policy makers and companies seeking to reap the multiple benefits of energy efficiency.