In this webinar, the leaders of Michigan Saves and Montgomery County Green Bank presented on unlocking energy efficiency investments in commercial and industrial buildings.

Mary Templeton, President and CEO of Michigan Saves, discussed their Commercial Building Loan Program and how it has helped hundreds of organizations, including businesses, multifamily, public sector, municipal buildings invest in improvements that reduce future increases in energy prices and provide savings via smaller, more predictable utility bills. Mary also offered lessons learned over this period and how they have led to changes to her program

Tom Deyo, CEO of the Montgomery County Green Bank, discussed how models like that of Michigan Saves can be guiding lights for local markets. Tom explored how due diligence on your local conditions can identify opportunities and needs how the Green Bank Network can be a valuable resource to tap to help develop a locally-tailored product, such as Montgomery County Green Bank’s new “Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewables” (CLEER) financing program, and how to use the process to develop relationships with lenders and contractors to get to launch.

This rich session covered challenges to launching a successful program in clean energy finance and best practices for unlocking private sector investment and new project development. It covered lessons learned from the Michigan Saves program that has over 6 years of program experience and from development and launch in March 2018 of the new MoCo Green Bank CLEER program.

The presentations were followed by Q&A.