The following institutional characteristics are considered in evaluating admittance of new members to the Green Bank Network:

1. Mandate and mission aligned with GBN principles, including a demonstrated high commitment to green investments (no investment in fossil fuel assets or fossil fuel dedicated infrastructure) and to crowding in private investment

2. Clear governance structure to support effective and independent operations as well as guard against political interference and corruption

3. Strong management team

4. Commitment to investing with commercial rigor

5. Commitment to measure and publicly report on financial and environmental performance metrics

6. Commitment to transparency of investment approach and investment descriptions

7. Capitalization in place and transactions completed

The following institutions are directionally aligned with the GBN membership criteria and are under active consideration for membership to the Green Bank Network:

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.

Institutions that would like to be considered for Green Bank Network membership should contact [email protected].

For institutions that have not yet completed a transaction, they may begin the process for consideration, with full membership withheld until successful completion of first transaction.